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My personal view is that TZM reflects a train of thought aimed at technologically enabled anarchism/socialism.

I understand many see the vision as utopian, but as this is an unresolvable argument I was wondering more about what people thought about the specifics regarding the train of thought, whether positive of critical (as opposed to general statements)

I imagine there are few people who have not seen the Zeitgeist films but for those unfamiliar it is outlined here

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It seems like a sort of Parecon or Social Ecology for the Upworthy set. While they have critiques of capitalism, they still seem to fall in to a "better living through sharing and good feelings, also not money." They also seem incredibly enamoured with technology, which, if it is a cornerstone of your roadmap to a better world is, for me, a red flag. Also they seem to have a roadmap at all, which is antithetical to my personal take on things.

Any time I have talked to or otherwise communicated with people from the Zeitgeist Movement they have had the same sort of wide-eyed affect as members of various cults (LaRouche, RCP, Scientology) or, really, anyone who thinks they have found the truth and the one true way (I've had anarchists breathless tell me basically the same things that TZM is about). As with all those other groups, I try to stay as far away from them as possible.

There is a lot of stuff about them being connected to right wing conspiracy theorists and secretly anti-semitic. I quickly perused their website again before and while writing this, and don't see any overt indications of this, though I understand some of it is based on the movie Zeitgeist. Since I keep them at arm's length (including having not seen any of the movies and videos related to them), someone else will need to judge that.
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Lawrence, farbeit from me to want to defend FMO, but I'm not sure the perception of a capitalist agenda is an accurate one. FMO and TZM seem to genuinely be opposed to capitalism, at least as it is commonly understood. The problem is that capitalism can be eliminated and we still have industrial civilization.

Hehe, I initially posted this, then I just saw that FMO called us all capitalist shills (had just seen their condemnation of the term shill being applied elsewhere.)
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