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I recently became aware of magic and the interactions of anarchists within this milieu. It seems anarchists rather frequently gravitate towards exploring magic, especially chaos magic, but there isn't a great deal that seems to discuss magic among anarchists. Hakim Bey (Peter Lamborn Wilson), Robert Anton Wilson and Alan Moore come to mind, but there doesn't seem to be a great deal of connection to the anarchist movement beyond a few nominal mentions.

Are there others that are worth mention and perhaps go into detail about their connections to magic and anarchists?
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I know about this "Liber Anarkhos: An Anarchist Grimoire" of which you can get a free copy easily through google. The author on magical theory Stephen Mace has written very libertarian books like "Seizing Power:Reclaiming Our Liberty Through Magick". Jiddu Krishnamurti, an important personality linked to theosophy, has a very individualistic and libertarian philosophy which has called anarchist attention in the essay "There is no Authority but Yourself: Reclaiming Krishnamurti for Anarchy" . Also Starhawk, a wiccan and environmentalist author, has shown anarchist sympathies. There is also Anil Vem´s "Two Mystic Materialist Sketches" .
Mia X. Kursions "Meditation on Mediation: Direct Experience as Spirituality" . Peter Lamborn Wilson
"Spiritual Anarchism: Topics for Research" gives a lot to research about as far as esotericism/occultism from an anarchist prespective .

As far as "good" anarchist authors on occultism/esotericism i will definitely think the best and most dedicated ones are Robert Anton Wilson and Hakim Bey. But also the political philosophy behind the magical theories of Aleister Crowley is very libertarian in character ("do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law") and it is the reason why i follow thelemic groups and contents within facebook and why Anton Wilson is highly influenced by him.

As far as satanism and luciferianism La Vey´s political philosophy can give some useful thoughts to anarchists if you approach it with caution due to his sympathies with the right wing author Ayn Rand. I mean, an atheist individualist philosophy such as that one is very libertarian but of course it can also attract the "anarcho" capitalist and minarchist right wing scum. I also tend to think Lavey´s atheist satanism is more compatible with anarchism than theistic satanism. I also just found out about these dudes who present themselves in facebook as "The Church of Satan Anarchist (An organization of Anarcho-Satanists)" ( who have written this theorectical work available here ( called "the new testament of anarcho-satanism" . There are also anti-capitalist satanists such as who have some good content there that can be read avoiding the statist left wing implications of some of what is written there. Lets remember anyway that Crowley, Proudhon, Bakunin and Emile Armand all praised "Satan" just as H. p. blavatsky named a theorectical magazine that she published "Lucifer" while us anarchists have also had an individualist anarchist publication also called "Lucifer: the light bearer".
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