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Often the response is "put out a zine" on the related sphere here at anarchy101. I must agree to a certain extent. However as I decided that "post-left" mattered, this means "not activist" "not union" "not political organization" "not front group" anarchist associations. I wanted to see if maybe some answers could give a good way that people can enter past the leftist bs in order to get with people that are against domination, the social order and want to do something that can create some sort of effect.

I personally have a few ideas, but none seem to be able to be great at attracting people., making posters with the meetup and an email and posting those around the local area you might be willing to travel to in order to regularly meet with other people.
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I don't have a lot of ideas and this is actually something I've been wondering about, myself. But I have maybe a few thoughts:

If you're trying to meet post-left anarchists, there's not a lot to be done besides hunting them down one way or another. They might be grudgingly participating in typical anarchist organizations/projects or they might be hiding at home for the most part. You can put up posters and online invitations and whatever else, which may or may not lead to the (possibly non-existent) post-left anarchists near you to come and say hello.

You could try starting relatively public projects with an openly non-leftist stance and see who joins, although I'm not sure what that might look like and it might not guarantee that leftists would stay out. One idea I had was starting a counter-info group (something that often plays a supporting role in insurrectionary activity but isn't necessarily illegal) and making the "mission statement" explicitly against activism and organized politics.
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if you have a particular focus as opposed to more generally wanting to meet "anarchists," it is a little easier to zero in. A couple ideas that have only marginally worked for me personally:

1. Start a study group. Pick something as an initial reading that is easily available and digestible, but not so general that you end up with a group that doesn't address your interests. If there is a local anarchist or indymedia site, post it there and see what happens. Bob Black's Abolition of Work is a pretty effective reading for something of this sort.

2. Organize or help organize an event like a book fair or conference. That  will give you a chance to be in touch with folks from all over, and if you are involved, you can (hopefully) have some influence on the nature of the event.

ps- I accidentally made this a comment first, I think I fixed it, but y'know sometimes me and the technologies don't see eye to eye on such things.
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