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In a state of anarchy, what would your opinions be on this.

With out a state of government, Massive corporations are free of any laws stopping them from corruption. Do you think if a country as large as the United States were to go into an anarchy, do you think it would last very long before some corporation takes over.

In my opinion, I don't see a massive corporate take over as such a bad thing.  I would rather be ruled by corporates over governments any day.

This really isn't much of a question as it is a discussion. So please, feel free to state your opinion

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My opinion is that without police and the prison industrial complex (that is to say in last resort : THE GOVERNEMENT !), no one would be forced in working in the rotten factories and supermarkets of your "corporate anarchy" TM.

And there is a great probability than no one would be gonna. Because we won't need money so as to live. Because there wouldn't be such thing as "private property". Holy macaroni : could you even imagine this ?

Capitalist pipe dreams are nightmares of anarchy.
Capitalists have nightmares about anarchy every night and prey for some god that it's never going to happen, and ask for more private security, and that the police and the congress and the president himself do anything they can so that's not going to happen.

If the lake of governement (and there I don't mean "taxes" but institutions) would be good in any reasonable way for capitalists : we would probably already live under such thing because these people actually have the power. They control the state. And the fact is that they never act against their own intersts. Or not conciously.

The "green capitalism" projects are the very example of it. Making the "exploitation sustainable". What kind of anarchist would ever imagine a so fucked up thing ?

And by the way, the purpose of anarchy isn't only "not being ruled by a governement" but not being ruled by any kind of superior institution, or being socially coerced in anyway.

So even for Stirner's sake, there is possibly no such thing as "anarcho-capitalism". It's a total nonsense.

Get over it. That's a fact.
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okapy:: better said than i would.
The corporation is a figment of the imagination, even to the capitalist state; they have to squint their eyes and pucker up to pretend it is real.
And only the "monopoly of violence" of the state allows the corporation to exist.
Convenient, no?