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I saw a documentary today about Stockton California after they went bankrupt. They fired most of the police force and murder rates and other crimes went up. The entire government wasn't even gone. What do we do about this specific act of violence and others?
just to make this more complicated (my favorite thing), what makes you trust the fact-finding that says there was more murder?
people who compile that information generally have an agenda.
not saying stats are necessarily or always wrong, just sayin...
always a possibility.

edited for more just sayin'ness.

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Three problems:

1. Capital: fuckin shit up since 17-whenever.
2. State: making sure capital's fuckin shit up since 17-whenever.
3. People: all their lives lived coping with and adapting to capital fuckin shit up since 17-whenever.

Removing (in stockton's case weakening) one element (state) doesn't solve the other two.

Optimistic anarchists say get rid of capital/state --> peoples' tendencies to NOT want to live shitty lives will break through. It's possible, but it's also possible that people are going to cling 'the old ways,' including new or old figures of authority.

Wilhelm Reich wrote 'the mass psychology of fascism' while living in the rise of Nazi Germany. He was dead wrong about homosexuality obviously, but a lot of his points about why people flock to bad shit is good, and probably will help you in thinking about this kind of stuff.

Here's my not-answer: Revolt opens the door for experimentation in new commie-like forms of life and relationships. Folks' realization of capability from liberating a space with their own two hands, combined with the fact that it makes much more sense to NOT fuck each other over, allows this type of stuff to come about.

Let's focus on that, and hopefully over the coming decades we can have a much more direct answer to your question.

EDIT: changed 'since' to 'sense' because that's what I meant to say.
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