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Hi guys!

I have some questions about anatchy . If there would be anarchy tomorrow what would happen with the country and its flag? For example if there would be anarchy in Greece , would Greece still be Greece with the same name and flag? Or not?

And if there was anarchy in all over the world? What would happen? Would there still be Germany , Greece , England etc?

Thanks :)
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To speak to Dot's reference to 'complications'...

Most of Europe, and every region touched by european or american colonialism, is a complete fiction of recent origin.  All the large european nation-states were cobbled together from pre-existing feudal princedoms or city-states.  Two hundred years ago, italy and germany did not exist as consolidated nations; england and france historically each consisted of a dozen or so 'kingdoms' (most at perpetual war with each other); greece, in it's ancient primus was a constellation of city-states and slave colonies, constantly at war within and without (before they destroyed their farmland, whence they became slave-colonies to other regional conquerors for two millenia).
The people inhabiting the regions between these arbitrary conglomerations saw their lands divided up among hostile co-conspirators - the Basques, Bretons, Kurds, and the list goes on...
The Americas were a region of hundreds of peoples, tribes, and princedoms; all too busy with their own quarrels and petty wars to bother with a few pox monkeys from europe washing up in the caribean - and that turned out well didn't it.

The questions "who are you" and "where do you come from" (should have) has nothing to do with Nations or States.
To recklessly paraphrase Twain, 'There's Bullshit, there's fucking Bullshit, and then there's an atlas.'

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this is a bigger and more complicated question than you might realize, but for the purposes of just answering your question, the answer is yes and no.

there would not be countries: defined by borders and laws, immigration and emigration, etc. there would be cultural groups, ethnicities, and/or groups of people who want to live together or associate with each other for various reasons.
so whether there would be "germany, greece, england, etc" would depend on if you're talking about those places as groups of people (yes) or nations (no).
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Thank you very much . It was helpful.

And what would happen if anarchy was only in one country? Would it lose its flag and name?
lose its flag and name to whom? the people within the terrain? what does "lose" mean here? what does the flag refer to? people have flags for sports teams, for family reunions, for things that could totally still happen when capitalism and country are disbanded.
first, the way you seem to be thinking of how anarchy would happen is as if Other People take over. you can think about these things yourself too. if there were no government and no capitalism, what would you like about having a flag and calling yourself by what-used-to-be a national name?
if you missed whatever those things were, then probably other people would miss them too, and you all could get together and do historical re-enactments or something. fun game. :)
And what would happen if anarchy was only in one country? Would it lose its flag and name?

Nations can also be useful as names for geographical regions, in much the same way road, town, city, county, continent, and other area names can be useful.  Whether the names and areas of current nations would be retained  in an anarchist society is impossible to say but I expect probably not.