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So I've done some reading and I feel I have a good grasp on the basis of anarchism. What I need now is to find a group or community where I can meet others to discuss ideas and share knowledge and such. I am located in the northern most part of new jersey but I am willing to travel to nyc to pursue my education. Does anyone know of any such groups I could contac in the area? Thank you kindly.
I registered just to say I came to anarchy living in the exact area you're from and it's lonely, but there are also a lot of engaging and interesting things to be found if you know where to look. I don't want to post my email publicly, and there's no private message feature on the site (plus, you're anonymous), but if you ever come back to this site and want to post an email address (maybe one you create for this purpose alone?) I can contact you at, I'd offer some stories and experiences.

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I went through a similar experience and also ventured out to find others. What I found was people doing activist things (Food Not Bombs, etc) but not so much people thinking about things - at least not critically. I did the activist bit and then withdrew again until i starting meeting, here and there, interesting people who were engaged critically with ideas.

I don't know your situation, but I would say the best option, should it be possible, would be to find people where you are and start a study group or research project right there and leave the popular 'dead zones' (scenes or milieus) alone (or at least only nibble around the edges). They are seductive but they also almost always lead to ideological dead ends, and frequently mash the beauty of anarchy with a potpourri of Nationalisms, techno-socialist-utopias (parecon), activist must-do culture and identity politics laden with guilt, shame and plenty of egg-shell walking (it is probably best that you break a few eggs, by the way..).

Along with the freedom, meaning and happiness that the internet has brought us all, it has also brought us a massive repertoire of anarchist and related content to our fingertips - and - are excellent resources. This site is an excellent resource, too, and has many long term thoughtful and engaged anarchists who will jump into Q/A with you. You can follow anarchist news sites, which often show the mediocrity of the milieu but also have interesting communiques, updates on anarchist prisoners, topical and current event analysis and newly released anarchist texts.

Should you choose to nibble around the edges, there is a place called The Base in NYC (Brooklyn, I believe) - - that has an Anarchism Reading Series and occasional interesting film screenings, but is pretty much dedicated to The Left, which is, perhaps, important to experience critically..

In ending, I will say that I found it helpful to think about it not as looking for the or an answer but as trying to become familiar with the constellation of ideas, happenings and ideological trajectories of/or related to anarchism and how they interact, are contradictory and (not often enough) flat our hostile toward each other.
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couldn't have said it better myself