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How has the translation been going? I used to read this stuff all the time, but then decided to wait till it was all translated. Can anyone bring me up on the progress of these endeavors?

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I would keep my eye on this http://theanarchistlibrary.org/topics/Tiqqun.html for usable versions of those periodicals. Scans of the two issues have been seen floating around (but are in French). I don't know of a specific group working on "whole" translations (although clearly http://tiqqunista.jottit.com/ is the closest).
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you can get tiqqun 1 (as well as theory of the younggirl, tci, and how is it to be done) from little black cart. I think the best translation of theory of the younggirl is the one by ariana reines which is on the triplecanopy website.
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Introduction to Civil War is only published in print (by Semiotext) - the rest, as mentioned above, has been translated (very well) by Tiqqunista.
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