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Why are anarchist communities so different in different regions?

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What are the differences, and how did they end up that way?
asked Jan 3, 2011 by anonymous
it would be great if the question had more information. what differences are you talking about? what regions are you talking about?
and as to why, surely people are usually different in different areas, why wouldn't anarchists be also? -- do you see communists being the same everywhere? (ok, maybe a bad example... ;) .)

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Regional differences have always existed. The very earth is different in different places. Historical circumstances are different, leading to different cultures. Despite this era of unprecedented globalization, regional differences persist, even on the subcultural level.

I'll let someone else tackle the catalog of extant differences. I'm too provincial.
answered Jan 3, 2011 by enkidu (6,110 points)
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Are you speaking of communities and regions within the United States specifically?
If so, one must recognize the ever-moving nature of people within the American anarchist scene. It is not often that I have come across an anarchist community in any town that is comprised entirely of people /from/ that town or region. People move and gravitate towards groups of people that share similar ideas, areas that offer resources they desire. So, if one were super into Queer Insurrectionism one may gravitate more towards the Midwest, because that is where groups such as Bash Back! have been popular. Or if one were anti-civilization/primitivist one may be drawn more towards the Northwest rather than, say, New York City, because of the more natural environment and in the process create a community that leans towards "green" anarchism.
People go where they fit in, they look for commonality - it really is as simple as that.
answered Jan 8, 2011 by Katherine DiFiore (5,360 points)
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In my experience, anarchists are basically the same everywhere.

Black clothes, Hardcore music, print scams, and funneling money from Universities into projects.

I guess that is mostly characteristic of the "youth" or "student" anarchists.
answered Apr 6, 2011 by Taigarun (1,720 points)
I appreciate this answer for its near honesty. It almost admits that the answerer is a young college activist and only has experience with @ of a similar demographic. Kudos!
lol, I'm not in college, and since when did I become an activist?!
Thanks for your disparaging words, but they seem kind of empty coming from you.
You're different because you don't wear black all the time and have no connection to the university?