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What does strAight edge as a political statement mean to you

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asked Nov 15, 2014 by DonnieDarko (890 points)
Nothing. Plus a few characters...
i tend to agree with baa. to me being straight-edge (or not being) is just another personal choice in behavior. one can always politicize their personal choices/behaviors, and it often makes sense to have some meaningful discussion about that.  but i don't see it as a political statement in and of itself. any more than tatoos or earrings or being a perennial drunk.  any of which can have political impact in certain situations, i guess.

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there are reasons and ways  to be straight edge that are political. people's attitudes towards drugs in general and alcohol in particular are as dismissive and thoughtless as people's attitudes towards other things/tools/bodies in this culture.
if straight edge is a challenge to that, then it is a political act.

but most straight edgers i know are xxx because of demons in their past, which makes it more personal than political (pardon me feminist godds).

and to the extent that straight edgers proselytize then they are political in a bad way (see christianity, dogmatism, purism, etc).
(ps: this is different from being clear about it not being fun to hang out with people who are high when you are not high, or disappointing that so many people only know how to have a good time when loaded. for which, see first paragraph.)

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answered Nov 16, 2014 by dot (52,130 points)
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I asked assuming you guys have heard the overtly political arguments
sorry to say, but those arguments - as stated on that site dd linked to - just tend to sound moralistic and reductionist to me. which means yeah, quite likely political.

which is not to (completely) dismiss what they are saying, particularly with regards to the *risk* of control through intoxication. it's just that they don't seem to see it as a risk, but as a universal fact.

now, on to the humor section of this evening's post...

"being Straight-Edge means standing in solidarity with ALL who are oppressed by taking sober direct action against ALL forms of oppression"

if you are oppressed by taking sober direct action... have a fucking glass of wine before your next action!   <ba-dam-BAM!>

being against tofu means standing in solidarity with ALL who are oppressed by taking anti-processed-food direct action against ALL forms of oppression

just doesn't sound that meaningful, does it?