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I was a young soldier walking down the street in Frankfurt.  
I saw a circle A on the wall and asked my buddy what that was.
He said, 'No government.'
I asked, 'No taxes?'
He said, 'Yes.'
I said, 'I'm in.'
It has been quite a ride since, but I have found no other philosophy that has answered all my questions.

So, how did you find the answer to all that ails us?
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during my first year of elementary school, i tried to scale the chain link fence with another a kid i met there and leave the premises. we made it about 2/3 of the way up when i heard a bunch of other kids yelling, and looked back to see our teacher and the principal coming after us.

i can't remember many more details almost 50 years later, but i recall the other boy and myself conspiring briefly to plan our escape - i don't know for sure which one of us had the idea first, but somehow we expressed our desires to one another and we tried it.

i don't know where that impulse came from. but i view it now as my earliest memory of a drive to create life on my own terms, and to fight against a reality imposed upon me.
BAA, your response certainly counts as an answer, fwtw.
FBA, please don't tag anything with anarchy, anarchist, anarchism... those are taken for granted here and are useless as search items. thanks.
thanks, dot. i appreciate your thoughts. i thought my comments seemed incomplete to answer the question...not tying in my earlier feelings in life to how i came to identify with anarchy (or came to find this site for example), but maybe i'll flesh it out more later.

that, and i thought i might bore people with my whole life story. :)
Thanks, baa, that was certainly a human spirit yearning to live free from coercion, when did you first identify as anarchist?

,.......anybody else?
I swear I answered a similar question at some point on this site, but in searching haven't found it anywhere, but the sun is shining outside, so this is a placeholder to remind me to do so later when it isn't.
i thought the same thing, ingrate, and also had trouble finding it and figured i imagined it...but after a little more searching (and you confirming my suspicions) ...wahlah!
FBA, i'd say around a year ago or so. i can't remember exactly what i read, but i read one thing (not necessarily about anarchism) that led to another that led to another, and eventually to reading about anarchy and anarchism, and i ended up finding a few anarchist websites.

about 7 or 8 years ago, i spent an afternoon talking with a good friend about all kinds of things, and at some point she mentioned to me "oh, you're an anarchist!", to which i replied "i am?". i previously had other connotations of the word (no surprise), and i told her i didn't relate to anything with an "ism" at the end. i didn't really investigate anarchy any further after that, i just knew i looked at things a certain way that seemed different from anyone else i knew. anyway, when i ultimately began reading stuff last year written by anarchists (old and new), i realized how  much of it sounded just like the type of stuff i thought, felt, and often said in conversations (with most people telling me i was crazy, or immature, or utopian)...and it felt damn good to know other people had similar thoughts and desires. i also felt sort of surprised i hadn't stumbled upon the writings of anarchists sooner, but then again, you don't see them in the library or across the television screen. i told my friend last year that i understood why she called me an anarchist, and that i now agreed with her (although i still sometimes feel wary of the "ism").

i never really thought i needed validation for how i looked at the world, but reading (and having conversations here with) people who have thought deeply about this stuff, really has helped me to articulate my views, and to deconstruct a lot of the crap that goes on in social situations.

i ran away from home at 17, quit working jobs by my early 30's, and quite fortunately met a woman who also had a desire to live against the prevailing culture - i knew we had something in common when she told me she tossed her jury notice in the trash. so even during the years while i played the game quite a bit (thought about a "career", bought a house, etc.), i always had part of my mind and heart in another place.

i really desire to meet more people who identify as anarchists - so far, i haven't met any in the flesh.

wow, i didn't plan to write that much...if you kept reading, thanks for listening. :)
BAA - your comments totally equal an answer that I'd upvote, were it in upvotable form. Thanks for sharing!

Also, thanks for finding that - it is what I was thinking of and instead of polluting this site with more about me, I will affirm that what I wrote before holds true, though the narrative voice now might be a bit different than when written, it is still basically factually accurate. Mostly.
Thanks, baa, I was looking for this question as well.
I hope you keep exploring, it was many years before I got the chance to read more about being an anarchist.
I had two years with nothing to do but read after work and I learned much by doing so.
If you haven't accessed the anarchist library I suggest that you do, it is invaluable if you want to learn more about anarchism.
Two good starting points,...
ingrate, thanks for the kind words. i enjoyed reading your answer on the other thread as well. interesting how our voice can change over time...even when we mostly mean the same thing...something new materializes.

thanks, FBA, i did find the anarchist library a while back and read from it often. i plan to keep exploring as long as i keep waking up in the morning. :) i wish the same to you.
Thanks for being in the struggle, BAA.

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I started taking responsibility of my actions and the best ideology which allowed me to true take control was Anarchy. I have never looked back only fight harder to undermine that which inhibits me for truly existing.
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