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Location: USA, Pennsylvania
About: Hello! I am an anarchist writer and philosopher who has taken to the internet to spread his ideas to the world. I share a Google account (https://plus.google.com/u/0/109065932455331729375/posts) with some close friends, as well as a number of other platforms which I can not reveal to you in order to appease my fetish for being able to dissociate with groups at a moment's notice :P

The following schools of thought provide the general skeletal framework for my beliefs:

Reformist Anarcho-Communism (fuller explanation coming soon!)

Nihilism (including moral nihilism)

Skeptical Evaluation (unconditional assessment of societal infrastructure to bring about positive renovation)

Utilitarianism (my acceptance of utility's virtue is entirely subjective.)

Side note: The "Darwinism" in my name does not refer to Capitalist Darwinism (coined 'Social Darwinism') but rather Utility Darwinism.

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