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My question is not who controls the means of production, but the nature of production, as such. The question is not whether or not workers have an equitable pay and a healthy work environment, which is the interest of organized labor, or the Left that works with organized labor. The question, more profoundly, is, what is the effect of the automobile on society and should we have that in the first place?
-- godfrey reggio
Feb 21, 2016 by funkyanarchy
_the hangman's beautiful daughter_ in particular is one of my all time favorites. licorice was one of the members who just disappeared sometime after 1987.

Dec 25, 2015 by AmorFati
@af: yeah, i know, if there is an opposite to funky music (that i can still enjoy), they might be it. i had a few of their albums back in one of my psychedelic periods. a few of their songs kinda blew my mind.

is likky one of the band members? i don't remember them individually (i think it was 2 men and two women?) - how massifying of me! ;-)
Dec 25, 2015 by funkyanarchy
shit, funky. you know of the incredible string band?  do you know where likky went? i asked the ice it would not say, but only cracked and moved away...
Dec 25, 2015 by AmorFati
oh shit, you tagged my wall! woo-hoo!

i definitely don't want to make you sad, dot. happy happy happy all the time time time (the incredible string band?).
Dec 2, 2015 by funkyanarchy
when you have funny, on point responses to spam, i am sad to delete the spam. why do you want to make me sad!
Dec 2, 2015 by dot