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psychedelic anarchy?

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have people here had their the concepts of anarchy influenced -to a greater or lesser degree- by psychedelic experiences, or other unusual experience?

personally these experiences have helped guide a lot of my metaphysical ideas, which are the foundation of my ideas of anarchy and the individual. -will go into more detail if prompted-
asked Apr 16 by shinminmetroskyline (760 points)
i like the question.

i have had several periods in my life when i was heavily into psychedelics. my first real psychedelic experience most definitely changed my perspective radically. i don't know that the change was in any way anarchic, other than somehow liberating me from certain intellectual constraints that i unknowingly held to.

as one who now has strong individualist leanings, the indescribable "connectedness" that acid (primarily, in my case) made me feel with the living world around me has given me an interesting aversion to the binary individual vs collective perspective that seems predominant. i never did experience the full "ego-death" that many psychedelic travelers speak of; but i surely experienced some dissolution of intellectual barriers, and heightened awareness of things outside myself that matter to me.

perhaps, in some way, my context-focused perspective was born from - or was given the space in which to grow from - those experiences.
may I prompt you for more detail? as much or as little as you like

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psychedelics had a huge influence on my life in general, around the same time i started reading @ lit. While there are a lot of components and a lot of insights i gained i would say chief among them was ego loss/death. really helped me view everything as equal heirs to the earth, gave me a renewed meaning to my own personal life to cut through my nihilism, and thus a more positive view of the fact that all the stars burn out eventually, the breaking down of barriers between me and other beings (the interconnectedness) helped me care more about the struggles of others and solidarity, maybe some other stuff i cant put my finger on, but i would say it less directly influenced my anarchy and more just overall as a person, and thus indirectly relates to my concept of anarchy.

a better illustration: now. after LSD and others, when i see two cops shoving someone in a car, i dont see two cops and a criminal, i see two people attacking and abusing another (and their wellbeings all depend on eachother (the interconnectedness))

edit:optimistic nihilism from realizing how unimportant i am

changed that to: gave me a renewed meaning to my own personal life to cut through my nihilism, and thus a more positive view of the fact that all the stars burn out eventually,

answered 6 days ago by DonnieDarko (720 points)
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