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Good morning, my neame is Renato de Rosa and I live in Italy.
I am searching information about an ancestor who lived in New York in 1910-1915: Michele De Rosa.

Michele was an anarchist.
We know that approximately in 1915 the italian console in NY asked to italian men in USA to return in Italy in order to fight in 1° World War.

So I suppose there was some kind of anarchist demonstration.
What's happened? I dont'know.
The only thing I know is that Michele De Rosa escaped speeply from USA and returned in Italy. He took the first boat while police was knockin at his home.

I would like to understand what's happened in these days in NY.

Thank you.

(sorry, my english is very bad!) :)

Your English is quite good, especially compared to if I was to try to answer in Italian!

I looked through some books I have and didn't see Michele's name listed anywhere, but if he was in a book, probably it would be easy to find out about him!

One thing I do know is that in about 1914 immigrant Italian anarchists influenced by Luigi Galleani and his newspaper Cronaca Sovversiva started a bombing campaign in the US that included bombs being exploded in New York. Following the bombings, many Galleanist anarchists fled the country. However, not all Italian anarchists in the US were involved in this tendency, so there is no way to know for sure.

In poking around the website of an anarchist publisher for other leads, I found this title: Transnational Radicals: Italian Anarchists in Canada and the US, 1915 - 1940, which I am unfamiliar with, but might offer either some interesting insight into the U.S. in the era starting around when your ancestor fled. Another idea would be to see if you can contact the author and find out if he has ideas of where to look.

Good Luck!

edit: I just realized I had put the date in the title of that book above in wrong, apologies and corrected.

Your English is very good. Better than mine at least. If I was told to write in Italian, it would just be random letters strung together.

I can scan some of the academic journals for info that may help you. I remember doing something similar to trying to find more info on one of my grandfathers and it was tough at first, but I prevailed in the end.

I found an pdf article in an academic journal called Loyalty and Dissent: Italian Reservists in America During World War I by Fiorello B. Ventresco and Worker Internationalism and Italian Labor Migration: 1870-1914 by Donna R. Gabaccia,  which may help you in your question to find more about your ancestor and what it was like to be an Italian anarchist in the late19th, early 20th century.

 I'm getting tired now, so I will look more in depth tomorrow and if I find more, I'll tet you know. I can't link because academic journals hate it when people use them without paying, so they're behind paywalls and I don't know how to attach them on here, but have pdf's of them on my computer. I could either upload the pdf to something like google drive or email them. :)

I've done research stuff on one of my grandfathers during the world wars, similar to what you're doing, in a way, and sometimes it can be hard or frustration, but I think the fun of doing it outweighs the frustrations if you have any.

Human, try Sci-hub to get over paywalls. They have a lot of articles.

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