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Is there a specifically @ist take on the dilemma of school shootings and other student-caused murders in schools, as to observations, possible causes and solutions, etc.?

georgie: "stop going to school can cause problems for  parents from csp."

well, yeah....anything that goes against the hierarchical institutions can cause problems....but the question asked for an anarchist perspective...and i think one could still pull it off with a little creativity.

fyi...jz = john zerzan

I have a dream of making a zine called JZ vs JayZ where the two engage in a dialectic.
i love it!

i once called jz jay-z, and he didn't even notice. (end steven wright impression)

Lol, funky i had the same confusion for a while when i started doin' the internet anarchy thang, i was thinking "wait, anarchists writing about the rapper jz, doesn't sound like the anarchist personas i've encountered at all. I'm pretty sure jz's ideology was stereotypical pimp/rap/money, they've got 99 problems and i can't decipher which of those problems they are talking about"

School by itself is definetly a fundamental problem for people who want to see the world we live in be a tiny bit different, but to go all nihilist/communist/traditionalist here the breakdown of families as a unit of "economic production" also has to do with isolated rage as well. 

if anyone pulls out an alt-right ad-hominen here im gonna take out the bible and the belt on your asses

edit: lololol, no cause for alarm here!

funky, thanks for the upvote of appreciation... :)

skyline....i focused on the school part over the shooting part because the question mentioned schools and students a few times, and shootings only once....and, probably more so because i tend to focus on schools a lot in my criticism and anger toward the state institutions, since i see the compulsory school system as the first and perhaps most important tool of the state in order to keep the ideology of authority humming.

i meant my short comment/answer more as an individual "solution" than a grand one....i don't see compulsory school going away any time soon, and i don't know what would "solve" the bigger problem with certainty. i do know that i would help any young person who wanted to get out of school in any way that i could, and i denounce the institution of "education" as often as i can. :)

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