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Their website has been down for a few years. Is the organization defunct, or just lacking a Web presence?
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The Network is defunct as a network, and most (or all?) of the chapters that composed it are also defunct. There are a number of ABC chapters in North America that are not affiliated with the ABC Federation. Denver ABC lists:
    Boston ABC
    Calgary ABC
    Cleveland ABC
    Guelph ABC
    New York City ABCF
    Richmond ABC
    Salt Lake City ABC
    Toronto ABC
    Vancouver ABC
of which only NYC is in the federation. I would be surprised if this list isn't missing some groups, but it's hard to keep track of groups when they aren't consistent. And it's worth mentioning that when it comes to prisoner support consistency is incredibly important.

From the perspective of an outsider knowing the little I know, I'd guess there's something like a "new ABC network" (not official or named in the public light) evolving since some long-existing groups left the federation and there was a convergence in Denver this summer which stated its intentions as mainly being informal networking between chapters.
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Great question.

From what I can tell, the ABC Network is defunct.

Shoelacetown ABC and Chicago ABC aren't on their lists. I'm not sure if they were affiliated with the ABC Network rather than the ABC Federation. I'm going to search out more information to this question.
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