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It was made by the Shoelacetown ABC and 11 issues were published...but not much info about it other than that.
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As you said, Fire to the Prisons was a periodical put out by Shoelacetown ABC. It published 11 issues, the last one having come out in 2011. In their own words:

“This is written for those discontent with the world around them, and the role they are forced to have in it. This is for the world’s exploited and dominated groups or classes. It is for the uncomfortable, the miserable, the disempowered, or the lost. It is also for the uncontrollable, empowered, fed up, and criminalized. It is a reminder for those living in conflict every day with the social order that reigns upon the earth, that they are not alone. We are a revolutionary publication that hopes to report on struggles that will otherwise be mentioned inappropriately or not at all. We report on struggles that stem from a frustration with different forms of domination, and intend to achieve freedom from them, without compromise.
We hope that by reporting on these struggles, more awareness and support for them will be produced. We also hope that by reporting on these struggles others who feel frustrated with the conditions they face will be inspired to do something about them as well. Further generalizing discontent before domination.”

It focused heavily on news and actions from around the globe with a generally insurrectionary (non-primitivist) anti-civilization perspective. While there was a particular focus on prison revolts and strikes, it was definitely not limited to that. In addition to action reports there were longer pieces analyzing the institutions of control and domination.

This is a link to the online archive of issues:
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I just re-encountered this question - FTTP is back! There is a new issue available from Little Black Cart distribution, and probably from some other assorted hoodlums.