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In an anarchistic system, how would flu pandemics be handled in an effective manner. How could vaccination programs be enforced. Who would manage the distribution of antibiotics to prevent bacteria (e.g. plague) from ravaging populations?

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Hopefully you will, because I am not on top of this at all.
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Anarchy does not have to be one of disorder.  Anarchy could work much like a wheel with spokes.  Each section working to support the rest of the wheel.  Coordination does not have to have authoritarian control only an effective plan which can meet the need more effectively and quickly than any hierarchy or bureaucratic system ever could.
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The same way that consumer goods are provided in the absence of dollars compensating work, collectively.

Vaccinations would not be enforced, that is not anarchism, that is fascism.
If it can be established that vaccines are both safe and effective, not just profitable, then who wouldn't take their vaccine?
However as long as crapitalism is the rule of the day I wouldn't trust any corporation to introduce any substance into my body.

All problems that arise in an anarchic society would be handled by the locals themselves, when a problem comes to be widespread such as a virus spread through travelers the locals would coordinate a response and look to other localities for examples of effective responses.

Lines of coordination would be established with the first outbreak and fine tuned through each successive outbreak.

With the internet such things can be quickly identified and coordinated responses devised.  The knowledge and techniques gained would be retained for the next occurrence.

We would overcome such an occurrence together.
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