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Should anachists be prepared for anarchy?

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In whatever conditions of autonomy along with community if so desired, would it make sense to have a plan as to location, structures, availability of supplies, assortment of skills within the community, an overall acceptance of some value system, guidelines of participation, physical conditioning, and mutual security against possible groups of aggression?

Or just wait till it happens and make it up as each goes along?
asked May 28, 2012 by afunctionalworld (2,030 points)
do you mean for individual anarchists or anarchists as a collective entity?

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It's important to be able to live self sufficiently. You cant expect to be supported by society your whole life, even though it is a possibility you will be.

Having supplies is helpful. Staying physically fit is critical. But the most important thing to possess is knowledge. If you know how to build, if you know what you can and cannot eat, if you know how to obtain food, if you know how to brace the climate, if you know how to defend yourself... you're going to live.

It's darwinism at its finest, know how to survive and practice what you know.

Society only makes surviving easier, thats why humans evolved to effectively live tribally.
answered Nov 27, 2012 by anonymous