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i wish that tags were used better, to enable people to find previous questions on topics they're interested in.

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Since a stateless society does not necessarily imply one free of capitalism or industry or all forms of domination, and many anarchists support the idea of expropriating current infrastructure, maybe it wouldn't, in the conventional sense, be "controlled". In terms of imagining how pollution could be minimized in the case of worker-controlled means of production, I got a lot from this discussion on Anarcho-Syndicalism and Ecology: http://workersolidarity.org/?p=379

In the case of a primitivist anarchist society, which would exclude industrialism and capitalism, human power would play even less of a role in controlling anything at all. Human behavior would be guided by the respect nature requires to survive in it. Many human behaviors that lead to pollution are motivated by an attempt to recoup losses that are both directly and indirectly caused by civilized humans' severance from the rest of the natural world. In theory, if we were living in harmony among flora and fauna, our needs for connection, sustenance, dignity, etc would be met to the extent that we would no longer be driven to produce, consume, and dominate, thereby eliminating causes of pollution.

Questions asked in the field of ecopsychology have a lot to offer in this area, in my opinion, because it also explores the process by which we come to our decisions about our relationships to our bodies, our work, each other and the rest of the natural world.
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I learned something! That is really exciting. Thanks :)
thank *you*. :)
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I know this is an old post but, I have to say it... How is pollution controlled by the state?
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