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If you were to print off a writing - be it a zine, manifesto, or excerpt from a book - and leave it in a public place for an unsuspecting reader to pick up, what would it be?  And where would you leave it?

The 'why' isn't really important (for the purpose of this question), be it the joy of the gift, or insurrectionary propagandizing, or the simple pleasure of fucking with their fragile little minds.
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Thanks.  Stories like this are often the most inspirational and often useful...  The comments that answer the question that wasn't asked are sometimes more useful than the ones that do.
Thanks again to you all.

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I think the most unintentionally effective thing like this I've ever done was, in high school, hand-writing a short paragraph about anarchism (in a typically CrimethInc-ish fashion) with a link to CrimethInc on it, folding it up, writing "OPEN ME" on the front, and leaving it in a boys' bathroom stall.

A person found it, read it, went to CrimethInc, read a lot of their material, got pretty into anarchism, and - by chance - became a friend of mine. It wasn't until at least a year or two later that I casually mentioned the little secret message and that person incredulously told me that they were the one who found it.

(I'll have to think a bit about what I would do if I were doing something like that right now. Maybe I should revisit the hand-written note concept, huh?)
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this is really awesome.