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I have become disollusioned with society and every job I get seems to contribute to a society that Is wasteful and i want no part of it but its all ive ever known and i have no idea where to even start trying to live apart from. Everyone i go to for advice always tells me to get a job and an apartment an become to basically do everything that i feel is wrong so any help would be appreciated.
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there are three ways i know of to answer the question of anarchist survival in the current system:
a) exist on the detritus of society - this is commonly known (however fairly) as the CrimethInc model. dumpster dive for food and other stuff, squat for housing.
b) try to live your principles through your work. this is the NGO/nonprofit/working for yourself option, and assumes that your principles can be adequately represented through a job.
c) divorce your  principles from your survival tactics. accept that anything that exists in capitalism cannot be liberatory in structure, and that your principles include destroying the thing that allows you to survive in the system (this could be called the greek option, since this seems to be the prevailing attitude there).
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Free your mind from the concepts of capitalism and authority.  See that both are just conditioned concepts that do not exist.  They only have power because we think they have power.  This could help the majority of the population through a plan of transition; and could also lead us to a truer perception of reality and how the world really works. Otherwise, live as much as you can by your conscience and convictions.
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