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I've largely said it in the main question, but I'm wondering if the sort of pacifist, green and individualist strain of Anarchism advocated by Thoreau can exist alongside Anarchist communism, both in the present and in a potential 'post rev' society?
a. all the current anarchisms currently co-exist, right?

b. if you've read other after-the-revolution questions-responses on this site, then you'll know the kind of answer that most people here would give this, which is (roughly) that it depends. if the question is actually "are they capable of co-existing in practical form?" then sure, of course they are.

perhaps you have a specific example that would make this question less vague, or a definition of anarchist communism that would explain why you're wondering this (do you think anarcho-communists shoot other kinds of anarchists?).
I suppose my question was perhaps more 'are they capable of co-existing in practical form?' and perhaps I should have phrased it as such. With that said perhaps my question has been answered.

I would define Anarchist communism from a basis in the writing and theory of Kropotkin and then look to revolutionary Spain for a real world example or perhaps the Ukrainian free territory.
if we are speaking of max stirner inspired individualist anarchism (practically all individualists of the late 1800's and early 1900's praised his way of thinking), practically anything could compatible with it, as long as it's aim was to benefit the individual who identified with such philosophies as opposed to feeling some sort of sense of duty to a cause. There are green anarchists who call themselves egoists, and this makes total sense because green anarchism and primitivist thought rest on the assumption that nature better serves humans than civilization and technology...and plenty of "anarcho-communists" align themselves with an individualist viewpoint because they believe a communal non-capitalist existence best serves individual well being

however, many individualists would disagree with me on this point, because anarcho-communists and green anarchists point to higher ideals. I say it depends on the person. The thing ive like about individualism/egoism is that trying say "you cannot believe in x as an individualist" becomes a contradictory statement within itself, because only the individual can decide what they are allowed to believe in

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