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Hello my name is Craig and I'm new to anarchism and don't count myself as anarchist. Yet but hope to in the very near future I've been learning all about it and. It's much nicer than I thought my question is as far as people in the anarchist. Community go can people be any kind of anarchist they want to be. While staying true to it and have the same interests they had before my question. May sound silly but it's an important one that only you guys can help. Me out with I'll be watching for your replies a fellow human being wishing you all well.
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yes, funky, i had the same reaction...although i felt like giving georgie a little nastier reply...but since i have an affinity for the character of george costanza...well, i didn't. :)
I'm no stickler for punctuation/rigid language but the period thing is super annoying imo
what's that bornagainanarchist? affinity humor anarchy. anarchist+humor=??? the answer is so obvious yet it seems it's a glaring oxymoron. i will figure out this conundrum later when there's more time.

i hear you donniedarko. avant-garde punctuationism is in its infantry and hasn't picked up steam much. i can 100% understand a person being annoyed with their first few experiences with an avant-garde punctuationist
i don't care about the punctuation (it's distracting but that's cool). i care about the inability to restate their question using different words, ie, to clarify anything.

if bots help make an interesting conversation on this site, more power to 'em.
I think its safe to say that I will always be annoyed with experiencing sudden breaks and pauses in my mind mid-phrase. no matter how cool and edgy people might think. I can think of 100 other ways I would rather try to color outside of the lines.

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