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Hello my name is Craig and I'm new to anarchism and don't count myself as anarchist. Yet but hope to in the very near future I've been learning all about it and. It's much nicer than I thought my question is as far as people in the anarchist. Community go can people be any kind of anarchist they want to be. While staying true to it and have the same interests they had before my question. May sound silly but it's an important one that only you guys can help. Me out with I'll be watching for your replies a fellow human being wishing you all well.
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welcome redstar. your question is confusing to me for a variety of reasons, so i'm not going to try to answer it. perhaps you'll feel up to clarifying what exactly you're asking (giving an example, maybe)?
Hello there and thank you for responding to me and sorry for confusing you to. Make it a little more clear my question was where I'm new to anarchism can. A person still remain true to who they are and have the same interests as. Before I don't count myself as an anarchist but hope to in the very near future. Hope this has cleared things up a bit a fellow human being wishing you well.

"can. A person still remain true to who they are and have the same interests as. Before"

if those interests are controlling and dominating people probably not. but, anarchy is not some kind of thing like.. hmm.. those people in india that eschew possessions, fast 90% of the time, and rub ashes on their foreheads if that's what you mean. 

I think your use of punctuation may be confusing to some

First off sorry for the bad punctuation two my interests do not include controlling people. And what I meant was do people have to change themselves when. Getting into anarchism I only asked this question because I'm hoping. To become an anarchists plus I'm really starting to see how much. Corruption there is in the it really stuns me how I didn't notice it to much. Until this week I've also taken it upon myself to learn more about anarchism and it. Seems to make a lot of sense that was before I posted on this website. And before I found out about this site and punctuation was never my. Strong suit witch I keep meaning to improve on a fellow human being wishing you well.
bad punctuation is one thing. consistently putting periods in the middle of sentences is more like some kind of code. you're also repeating the same information over and over again, making me doubt that you are in fact a human. but this is the internet, so anarchist-leaning robots are also welcome.
This has nothing to do with what anyone said or did but I think I'll find another website. Like this one to post my question on sorry I drove you nice. People crazy a fellow human being wishing you well.
I wasn't saying you want to control people. simply that excluding that there is not really like an anarchist Baptism or anything, if you simply read around on the site, some of the questions on the front page would give you an idea of what anarchy is all about
wow I was a dumbass to answer that when it was signing off as a fellow human
I'm sorry you feel like a dumbass and two I have been reading about anarchism all. Over the web I simply misunderstood what you said and I have. Been reading all about anarchism all over the web before I found out about. This website I hope you feel better soon DonnieDarko.
this is pure art
I agree with Shinminmetroskyline here: the unusual placement of periods in A's writing is pretty cool. I don't think I could reject convention to that extreme.

I think I understand the question, and my response is that being an anarchist does. Not mean you have to go out and riot or do anything that might shock non-anarchists you will need to continue. Following rules and respecting people who think they need authority. For peace and security if you don't. Choose wisely what rules and conventions you follow (grudgingly) and which ones you break you. Can lose what potential you have to influence social change right now the change for you is mental: being ready and. Eager to recognize and seize any. Opportunity to expand the realm of liberty self-determination and push back on. Control by force or manipulation hoping one day the opportunity will be at the community. Level I hope this helps.
pure art? cool? ... seriously?

might it gibberish and call spit well you as literature.

(i must be the new hip esher)
hi craig. you can still engage in your interests and hobbies that you had before. are you using your phone to post? people on here are quite the sticklers on punctuation rules. as gertrude stein would say punctuation rules is only necessary for the feeble-minded.
" people on here are quite the sticklers on punctuation rules"

yes, funky, i had the same reaction...although i felt like giving georgie a little nastier reply...but since i have an affinity for the character of george costanza...well, i didn't. :)
I'm no stickler for punctuation/rigid language but the period thing is super annoying imo
what's that bornagainanarchist? affinity humor anarchy. anarchist+humor=??? the answer is so obvious yet it seems it's a glaring oxymoron. i will figure out this conundrum later when there's more time.

i hear you donniedarko. avant-garde punctuationism is in its infantry and hasn't picked up steam much. i can 100% understand a person being annoyed with their first few experiences with an avant-garde punctuationist
i don't care about the punctuation (it's distracting but that's cool). i care about the inability to restate their question using different words, ie, to clarify anything.

if bots help make an interesting conversation on this site, more power to 'em.
I think its safe to say that I will always be annoyed with experiencing sudden breaks and pauses in my mind mid-phrase. no matter how cool and edgy people might think. I can think of 100 other ways I would rather try to color outside of the lines.

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